Call For Papers: The Eighth Annual IP Mosaic Conference


The call for IP papers and project proposals for the 8th Annual IP Mosaic Conference is out. The details are as below:

The Eighth Annual IP Mosaic Conference:
Access for All? The Role of IP in Equity, Power,
and Democracy in Challenging Times
CALL FOR PAPERS: August 15-September 1, 2022

The IP Mosaic Conference Planning Board invites IP scholars, policy makers, and social activists to submit paper and project proposals for presentation at the Eighth Annual IP Mosaic Conference, which will be presented remotely and co-hosted by Marquette University Law School on October 28-29, 2022 (approximately 4-5 hours each day).

Intellectual property regimes play a critical role in human development, socio-economic empowerment, and the preservation and promotion of social justice. In the global information age, IP rights affect all aspects of life, and it is crucial that our laws, first crafted in the eighteenth century, protect consumers and the public as well as producers and distributors. Many IP regimes, however, have been structured or interpreted to reflect only the economic and related interests of an entrenched status quo; socially cognizant IP theses are often ignored or rejected as tangential or antithetical to commoditization centered theories of IP protection.

At the IP Mosaic Conference, a diverse collective of academics, policy leaders and activists will convene to consider and critique intra and extrajudicial means of disrupting and dissecting traditional notions of IP protection. We welcome papers and projects that specifically address the intersection of intellectual property and social justice, particularly as it relates to race, gender, and other social classes, constructs, and conditions, as well as the social justice effects and obligations of the intellectual property regime, from promoting human development and self-actualization to meeting the health, education, and socioeconomic empowerment needs of the global society.

Paper and project abstracts (of no more than 500 words) will be considered on a rolling basis with an initial submission deadline of August 15, 2022; the final deadline for consideration of
submissions is September 1, 2022. When submitting an abstract, please indicate 1- whether you want to present a Work-in-Progress or a Full Paper, and 2- whether you are amenable to commenting on a paper, project, or WIP of another participant.

Submit to, with subject line “IP Mosaic Submission — [Last Name]. You may also address any questions to the Planning Board at that same email address. Check for programming updates.

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